Function Suite

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Our function suite – which is available to hire for a small charge of £50 – can accommodate parties of up to 80 guests which is ideal for a wide range of events from a family celebration to a charity fundraiser.

Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, we are unable to host 18th or 21st birthday parties.

The member in who’s name the lounge is let in:

a) Must be present in the Club premises.

b) Pay £50 hire charge.

c) Will be responsible for any misbehaviour and/or damage caused during the function and will be required to recompense the Club if requested by the Management Committee.

d) No drink of any kind will be brought into the Club for consumption at the function.

e) The lounge must be cleared 30 minutes after the bar closes.

f) Children must always be supervised and must stay in the lounge during the function.

g) Any decorations must be attached to the woodwork using drawing pins and removed afterwards. Sellotape must not be used to fix anything to any part of the Club premises.

h) Aerosol spray string is not allowed in the Club.

i) The use of the kitchen is optional, if used:
   • The kitchen must be left clean.
   • The oven must also be cleaned if used and trays must not be removed.

j) Any breakages must be paid for.

k) The maximum number of people allowed at any function is 80 (eighty).

l) All names and addresses of Visitors coming to these functions must be written on the sheets provided by the Secretary and must be returned to them seven (7) days before the function. They will then fill the information into a special visitor’s book and will obtain signatures from the person hiring the lounge on the night of the function. Lounge furniture is NOT to be used by Bands or Disco’s. Tables for this purpose are available from the storage cupboard.