Covid Procedure

Hi Members,
As covid officer can i inform members of procedure if you develope virus and unknowingly attend club or function.There seems to be some confusion regards our procedure.
1- We will not give details of members who test positive due to data protection act.I hope this addresses comments made on other platforms.
2-If you develope symtons of corona virus and have recently attended club,please phone track and trace and provide details and pass on my number for club contact.
3-They will pass on your details and information To Scottish health division who will then contact club [myself]
4-Club will provide details of close contacts
5-They then will be in contact with everyone on list.

Recent cases within club have been handled very well despite some small problems. It is not a requirement for the club do anything further than the above , however we reach out to all members through various platforms to let them know club circumstances so that everyone can be aware of any cases so they CAN MAKE THEIR OWN RISK ASSESSMENT.If we need to carry out further action to maintain club and members and staff safety we will do so[Shutting of club].
This is an infection which can be transmitted more readily in enclosed spaces and now that playing has finished more members will be in club enviroment. Try as best you can to maintain good hygene wear masks and follow club covid rules,it is essential you do your own risk assessment.

While rules are constantly changing i would ask people who have been on holiday and are coming to club to please take at least latteral flow test.
Sign track and trace book as you can see it essential and a means of containing a spread of cases.