Covid Rule Update [23-6-2021]

Hi Members,
Just a short note regards some quidence that has been passed on to us. First of all let me state that the current position of the club is that we will not be playing any club friendlies or external competitions dated-25-6-21 unless circumstances change.. This means that only club members will be allowed to play on our green,[No vistors allowed]. This was done to try and limit the virus spread within our own bowling bubbles and to make our members feel safe.
Under the current level 1 restrictions and bowls scotland you are allowed to play external competitions. However in doing so you must adhere to that clubs covid rules and make your own risk assessment as well.
With that in mind under the current regulations you cannot if playing external competition come back to club to play or visit bar or go to lounge entertainment on that day. You can visit following day as long as your risk assessment of your health does not cause concern.
For our members you can play 2 games or create two bowling bubbles per day without any restrictions.
I ask all members playing external competitions to go that little bit extra in applying good hygene.
Polmont bowling club rules and quidence are there for your wellbeing.

Allan Kent [Polmont Covid Officer]