Newsletter 7th June

Hi Everyone,

This newsletter contains some new information , please take note going forward.

1- Booking system has now reverted back to ball system operated before lockdown March 2020. The rules are next to drawer for cards and pencils. Please follow these rules because they will be strictly enforced. As green ranger i need all rinks used so beware.

2-Mats and Jacks will still need  disinfected at mat station ,so please adopt same policy when your game ends

3- You can now place mats and throw jack however please adopt good hand hygene. At all times be mindful of other members.This virus has not gone away.

4-The green will be Closed 10 June due to green fertilization. Notice is up on board reminding everyone.

5 – Hat night Wednesday 9th June will start at 6.30.

6- Hat Saturday 12th June sheet at door entry please put your name down for numbers.

7- We can now play 2 games per day thats if your fit for it.Also a new rule has been adopted with the help from ladies section to allow men play on Wednesday afternoon till 5pm this is for any ties that all parties can only manage.However rinks 3 and 4 are ladies only. Ladies can come to gents hat night on Wednesday nights.

8 Willie Close Triples will be starting soon,keep checking notice board

Thats all the info i have at the moment so lets get on with some real time news.As all of you know we have Club game on Saturdays to have a relaxing game with friends and i must say thanks to you all for coming. I tried a few things with the foremats but unlike last year where we had no real competitive bowling,this year has been a bit of a challenge and i have found that Hat day running is less stressful for everyone. Too many variables comprimised other formats which i will not go into.

Thanks to Betty Carlin And Anne Speirs For providing chicken and sausage rolls for saturday bowlers.

Positivly the Play Your Cards Right Has been a winner for all the losers as we are now at £130. Bill Blackwood was the lastest winner sent back to his chair unable to guess the last card .Well done Bill [Loserrrr]. Winning Rink was Bill Blackwood and Bruce Riach at+10 No brucy bonus for you Bruce [lol]

Lets hope the weather holds up, as a committee member i get a great buzz seeing the green full.

Thanks to you all this helps solidify our bar staffs future through theses many restrictions,so i also express our thanks to the staff for there manners and table service /

Committee Headlines

1- As you all can see we have now put chain round green. While some think this is waste of money i personally think in the long term it will reduce green upkeep costs which are forever going up. Anyone wishing to do a Red Rum jump be mindful its a hard surface you are landing on. Well done Ronnie for fitting chain and for delivering jims automan. If you dont know what thats About ask Jim Porter he will fill you in.

2- We are currently nearing completion of Fire alarm upgrade to conform with current regulations and also for insurance purposes.

3-We have completed fitting new Alarm system and upgraded cameras.

4-We have also upgraded new till point which comes with a lot of feedback . Bar staff have had there training,awaiting feedback on how they are getting on.

5- We are hopeful to get some signage sponsership round the green soon .Anyone with a contact Let Jim Porter.

6- Again thanks to all our volunteers,we do need your help Saturday and Sundays 10am-12pm max. As a committee we decided do our own ground works and we have found it quite demanding and without your help it would another cost to Club.

During this pandemic we have lost a few members to long term illness and injury we all send our best wishes and hope to see them some time  in future at the club. But we have increased our membership this year and welcome all new members and hope they enjoy our Club.

These are not the only issues we are dealing with on your behalf, these will remain within the committee forum.