Polmont Newsletter: 22-3-2021

Polmont Bowling Club
Monthly Newsletter
Date 22-3-21

Our very first news letter, I hope this can be of some value to you all going forward. During this period of shutdown, the club is still here and still just waiting on the notice to start back [ Hopefully soon].

While many self isolated last year the green was open for a period of time and some semi-competitive bowling took place. I cannot envisage any change to what took place last year although from a personal point of view I hope we can get some Club Championships completed this year,[Always the pessimistic so I am].

Bowls Scotland web site does provide good advice so use it if you want to keep up with all the latest updates.

On that subject to offer Green Bowling to our members the club is required to have a Covid Officer to give advice and to help the return to bowling within certain constraints this virus has put upon us. It is essential that we all follow the guidelines that are being put in place by the Covid Officer and Committee and this may let members who were self isolating last year gain the confidence to return within a safe environment. Work in being done to build up a set of rules for ALL to follow.

Our committee has been meeting through teams every Tuesday discussing items that affect the way the club is coping with this shut down. It is not within this news letter to discus in depth on what is happening, however I can offer what has been discussed.

  1. Postponing AGM till we open back up
  2. Advertising boards [ Very hopeful]
  3. Financial statement [To be given out before AGM is announced]
  4. New alarm system [ Very hopeful]
  5. Cardless payments [ongoing +]
  6. Broadband[Happening for start back]
  7. Communication to members
  8. Grants [Ongoing]
  9. Set of Polmont bowling club Covid rules for external and internal management.


This is first time I have done something like this so I hope to jazz it up a bit in the future so its not so formal. While it is still very much in its infancy our web site Polmontbowling.club has been launched but is taking a bit of time for me to get a hang of it so be patient and hopefully before next edition, this newsletter will be on for all to see. Anyone who wishes or who has computer orientated skills would be welcomed to give me a call and help in this matter. Thanks to Brian Mitchell and Dereck porter for setting it all up.

Covid Officer РAllan Kent  |  Telephone Р07759714250

This will only work if you all as members want it to work. To generate some sort of interesting newsletter requires you to provide information.
Birthdays, Anniversary, Jokes [Clean ones], Photos [young to old generates laughs], Bowling stories.

I would also like to thank all members on behalf of Committee who have helped with jobs around the club. Every Saturday /Sunday 10-12 if anyone is minded, tea and scone available ,lol

I hope everyone who has had a difficult time are getting help and getting better, Polmont Bowling Community is here for you

Back to hoovering and Dishes,